Administrative Services
ARC provides general office support and administrative services including:
  • Telephone reception from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, with the exception of holidays. 
  • Mail, e-mail and Web site management.
  • Comprehensive secretarial support, including routine correspondence, filing and record maintenance.

Member Recruitment/Retention
ARC believes that ultimately, consistent growth in loyal association membership will occur only if services being provided are perceived to have value, which equals or exceeds the cost of their dues.

Membership development must, by the voluntary nature of association membership, be market driven. Careful membership market research, along with association staff and volunteers who are personally sensitive to members’ needs, will contribute significantly to both (1) services that members value, and (2) selective, highly effective target marketing to the most desirable potential membership niches within the association’s universe of potential members.    

  • Member Retention Strategies
  • Member Service-Based Membership Marketing
  • Designing Membership Marketing Objectives, Themes, Messages
  • Promotional Materials
  • Non-Member Needs Assessments
  • Planning and Conducting Membership Sales Programs
  • “Peer Marketing” Membership Recruiting Plans

Communication strategies and materials based on known desires by potential members can then deliver the association’s membership marketing/recruiting message. This methodology does not normally provide sudden or dramatic membership growth, but it does produce consistent growth in long term membership. As an example, one of our clients, over one seven year period, grew from approximately 35% to 80% penetration of their total universe of potential members. This was achieved by (1) new member applications being approved at consecutive quarterly Board of Directors meetings, and (2) annual membership renewals exceeding 96% for seven consecutive years.

Financial Management
ARC has established procedures that ensure all accounting functions including accounts payable, accounts receivable, check writing, bank reconciliation, financial statements, asset management and cash flow are in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) as determined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

ARC has a strict policy to not co-mingle any client assets with other client assets or with ARC’s assets. There is also a strict policy to protect the privacy and integrity of client’s proceedings, records, and data.

We use state-of-the-art accounting software and provide comprehensive reports to clients on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

We provide the following accounting services to our clients:

  • Budgeting
  • Financial Reports
  • Multi-year Financial Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Surplus Funds Investment Management
  • Dues Billing/Collections
  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
  • Event Accounting
  • Filing all Appropriate State and Federal Reporting Forms
  • Coordination of Financial Audits

Public Relations

  • News Releases
  • Media Training
  • Opinion Research
  • Long-Term Public Attitude Strategies
  • Budgeting

ARC provides full public relations for many of its clients. For one such client, which had challenges achieving high public opinion due to its profession, ARC took the pro-active approach when dealing with the media and press. We have learned the importance of preserving good public image and carry this knowledge over to each new client.

Continuing Education Services
ARC has experience in many aspects of certifying classes, tracking attendance, reporting, and record keeping for continuing education.  We have worked with the State of California’s licensing Boards on a variety of renewing criteria and fulfilled reporting requirements for multiple states.

Meetings/Conferences/Trade Show & Major Special Events Planning
ARC has extensive experience in producing single or multi-day conventions, board meetings and educational forums for its clients by supporting and working with its committees and officers.  Through diligence, negotiation, creativity and planning, our staff has consistently been able to increase convention profits, participation and attendance for its clients. 

We provide the following services for many of our clients:

  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Program Design
  • Speaker Selections
  • Site Selection/Negotiations
  • Attendance Promotion
  • Food and Beverage Planning/Oversight
  • Exhibit Sales
  • Exhibit/Trade Show Management
  • On-Site Systems

We offer destination management services through our subsidiary, Sacramento Experience, for pre and onsite registration staff, transportation, tours and off-site entertainment.


E-Commerce and Information Technology
The ARC computer network is a Windows 2000 Domain.  It consists of five servers and numerous client computers.

ARC provides its own Web Server for its own as well as its clients benefit.  Currently we are hosting six domains and our own ftp site.

Our dominate software consists of: Exchange 2003 for electronic mail with Outlook as a client; SQL Server 2000 and 4th Dimension as Client Server Databases and Office 2003 is used for basic database services, word processing, presentations and spreadsheet.  We use Adobe InDesign CS3 and Microsoft Publisher for publications. Our graphics suite is Corel and Adobe® Creative Suite Premium. We use MAS90 for our accounting systems.

Association membership and tradeshows are managed in various methods depending on the needs of our client.  We have Access based, 4th Dimension and SQL Server based conference and tradeshow management systems in place, which we created in house to fit the needs of each client.

ARC has the technological abilities to provide custom databases, programming, Web based services or voice response systems.

Information Management Systems
ARC provides a fully integrated, in-house designed information management system separate from our accounting system. Our database management system provides tracking of many association functions, such as membership services, legislative issues and “grass-roots” political contacts, program participation, dues billings, and a highly flexible reporting system.

One of the most useful features of our system is the customized meeting and trade show module. It handles attendees, exhibitors, convention event attendance, badges, and a reporting system. As you know, large meetings, annual conventions, and trade shows can become disastrous if reporting is not accurate. To ensure absolute accuracy, we have included a module to detail receivables, which is designed to offer our clients verification of all income.

We recognize that each organization is different and unique: each function slightly different from the next. So we are extremely careful to make sure that our internal systems maintain separate and confidential records for each of our clients.


ARC has, as one of its services, the Leadership Training Institute.  This unique Institute provides to clients and the association community a series of training opportunities for staff, boards and in-coming officer Orientations.  ARC has arranged for association executives and governance professionals, with a wide-ranging field of experience, to be presenters of several comprehensive curriculums.

Board Member Orientation:

A board orientation is presented to assist board members better understand their duties and responsibilities.  A board orientation generally does two things.  First, it establishes a group of knowledgeable board members who understand their role and purpose and, it defines what the board should expect from staff.  The Orientation can be customized to include whatever issues the board is facing. Most leadership programs emphasize content such as “Leading Practices” or “Top Ten…” rather than on process where you learn how to apply the content.

Chief Elected Officer Orientation:

A comprehensive curriculum for the orientation of your incoming chief elected officer is offered twice a year.  It is designed to build a team approach to the  relationship between staff and the newly-elected officer.  Presenters will offer perspectives on current and future association trends and responsibilities.  The volunteer will better understand their duties, responsibilities and their relationship with board members.

Long-Range Planning:

Associations are offered the opportunity to have ARC staff specialists assist in addressing their planning activities.  Strategic Plans, Long-Range Plans, review of previous Plans, formal Action Plans and Membership Recruitment Plans are some of the options available.

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